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Transport - WheelDock Motorcycle Wheel Chock FOR SPOKE WHEELS

Transport - WheelDock Motorcycle Wheel Chock FOR SPOKE WHEELS


The most secure and easy to use wheel chock on the market!  

Can be used as a trailer chock or free standing garage stand.


  • Our patented gas spring retaining system allows for a flat entry and removal of your motorcycle.  No “Teeter Totter” style mechanism to lift your bike over like other locking chocks.
  • Trailer your bike without compressing the suspension!  The Wheeldock chock provides the ultimate in trailering security.  Your bike rides on its suspension while trailering.
  • The utmost stability when used freestanding.  The Wheeldock design “boxes” the front tire of the bike.  Containing the bike forward, backward, and side to side. Great for maintenance and cleaning.
  • The new Indian Motorcycles require the bike to be vertical when performing fluid maintenance.  The Wheeldock chock safely maintains the bike in a vertical position when it’s time to get out the wrenches.
  • Save space by storing your Motorcycle vertically and in tight spots.  The Wheeldock chock allows you to pull up in a corner and dismount your bike from either side.  The tire does not protrude beyond the front of the chock, allowing it to be placed against a wall.
  • Comes with flush mount hardware for mounting the chock in your trailer.
  • Durable epoxy powder coated finish.
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Made in the USA.